Georgetown University Transfers: 2023 Requirements, Dates, GPAs & More

Georgetown University, a prestigious Catholic-Jesuit research university, is renowned for its commitment to students, intellectual growth, and a belief in the importance of diverse ideas. With its roots dating back to 1789, Georgetown continually strives for academic excellence through its top-notch education and highly acclaimed research programs.

If you’re considering transferring to Georgetown University, this blog is just for you! Read on to discover the transfer acceptance rate, GPA requirements, test scores, and essential information to guide you through the transfer process.

Georgetown Transfer Acceptance Rate 2023

The transfer acceptance rate at Georgetown University is currently 3.2%, with 2,655 applications received and only 86 of them accepted in the fall 2021 semester. Although this number is quite competitive, it’s essential to note that the acceptance rate has experienced fluctuations in the past:

  • 14% in 2020
  • 9% in 2019 and 2018
  • A high of 17% in 2017

Keep in mind that these figures may change year to year. Nevertheless, Georgetown remains a highly sought-after transfer destination.

What are the transfer requirements for Georgetown?

Georgetown requires a number of completed documents for consideration. The table below summarizes the most essential pieces of information:

Admission Item Required?
High School Transcript Required of All
College Transcript Required of All
Essay or Personal Statement Required of All
Interview Recommended of All
Standardized Test Scores Required of All
Statement of Good Standing from Prior Institution Required of All
Admission Item Required?

Minimum GPA Requirement

Georgetown University does not require a specific GPA for its transfer applicants. However, they recommend having at least a B+ (3.3) average to be considered a competitive candidate. Based on our experience and knowledge, aiming for a GPA of 3.8 or higher would increase your chances of standing out during the application review process.

Test Scores

Unlike many schools, Georgetown requires transfer applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. The accepted students’ middle-50% SAT score range is between 1420-1560, while the middle-50% ACT score range is between 32-35. These high requirements demonstrate the challenging nature of transferring into Georgetown University.

Key Takeaways

Transferring to Georgetown University is undoubtedly a competitive process, with its stringent requirements and fluctuating acceptance rates. To increase your chances of success, aim for a high GPA (preferably 3.8 or above) and strong SAT or ACT scores within the middle-50% range.

Remember that Georgetown’s community values diversity and meaningful dialogue. 

Emphasize your unique experiences, beliefs, and contributions to showcase who you are and why you are an ideal fit for this esteemed institution. Best of luck with your application.